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I’ll help tell your story and bring in more customers at the same time.

It’s my mission to put your business into words affordably and quickly, so  your store or organization can see results fast.

Growing up with entrepreneurs for parents taught me they had little time to hone their messaging. You have a compelling story that will bring in new leads, you just need to get it down on paper (or on your website!). As a copywriter, I’ll master your brand voice and tell your story in a way that will resonate with clients and grow your reach. All while utilizing SEO best practices, so your company shows up at the top of search results.

Hey, I’m Danielle Wilson.

Growing up, I wrote incessantly.  Studying English in college combined my love for writing with my love for reading, making it the perfect major for me. Obsessed with stationery products, I always have a notebook and pen nearby for new ideas and quotes I read.

My favorite aspect of my job is meeting new people and helping them put their vision into words! And I can do it in yoga pants!

I like to keep busy! When I’m not on my laptop, you’ll find me drinking coffee, reading, running, sewing and even teaching violin lessons!

Here’s how we can work together


You tell me about yourself and your business. I’ll write everything you need for a lead-generating website.



Prove you’re an expert in your field with a helpful blog (P.S. it helps boost your site’s SEO, too!).

Web Design

Starting from scratch? I’ll build a beautiful website complete with copy to bring in new clients.

My Background

Writing has always been my passion, and I love to read about different people and their experiences. While most people don’t realize it, good marketing and copywriting contains a large amount of story-telling. Not only your story, but how your customer will see their story change when they use your product or service. I love telling that story, and teaching business owners how to embrace that element of their marketing.

I started writing SEO content over five years ago when the internet was a very different place. Each year (or even every few months!) the standards change in favor of authentic, helpful, less spammy content. I keep up-to-date with these changes, so I can provide the best service for my clients. Of course, if your goal is always to be helpful (and not spam your customers!), you’ll always stay on the right side of the algorithm.

Non-profits always hold a special place in my heart, since they usually have a small staff working so hard to provide a service to the public on a tight budget. I’ve spent a lot of time volunteering over the years, and would love to help organizations reach new donors.

Ready to get to work?