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Alumni Connect

Project Description

Starting with a need for new marketing brochures and testimonials from former mentees, Alumni Connect started working with me on miscellaneous projects throughout the organization. The website needed to be revisited, and we re-launched it on Divi so I could make simple changes when necessary.

Currently, we’re developing educational materials for use in mentorships, as well as promotional materials for use with partner organizations, further explaining the mission and role of Alumni Connect in each graduates life.

Project Details

Client Alumni Connect
Date April 2017-Current
Skills Copywriting, Web Design
View Website

Continued Work

There’s always more to do as this organization grows in its mission and reach! I plan to revisit the website copy and ensure it’s as clear as it can be. We’re currently investigating LinkedIn marketing, since that would be where all of the mentors/mentees hang out. The more content we create, the more other organizations partner with us! Very exciting time of growth for these friends.

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