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Cafe Pierrot Copy, Product Descriptions, SEO, and Social Media

Project Description

My first project for Cafe Pierrot was increasing page views and google ranking. This soon led to a discussion of the site organization, graphics, social media, and blogging.

Before I started, the owner was spending too much time working on the site and learning how to use it, when she could have been bringing in her own clients. The team did not have enough time to edit and post on Instagram or Facebook.

Project Details

Client Cafe Pierrot
Date January 2016
Skills Product Descriptions, Web Design, SEO, Social Media
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SEO, Copy, and Blogging

My main goal for was to boost the google ranking in search results. Cafe Pierrot has been in business for over 25 years, but they were showing up on page 7 (!!!!) in the search results for their county. After two days of writing copy, meta titles, deep-linking, adding alt tags, and more the page views went through the roof.

Within two weeks of implementing proper SEO techniques, the site was on the first page of their target keyword searches and page views went up 8000%.

Product Descriptions

The bakery decided to take their production out to the whole country by selling Christmas cookies and stollen in an online shop. I had the fun task of writing Christmas-y product descriptions incorporating the humor and fun spirit Cafe Pierrot is known for.

Social Media Management

The team started using Later before I joined the team, but didn’t have time to share all their specialty cakes and cookies. As soon as I started with them, I collaborated on a holiday calendar to strategize product releases and promotions. I worked with the bakers and decorators to arrange photoshoots for these products in order to design posters and website banners.

Every Monday, the cake decorators send photos of products form the past week, and I look for customer photos to share on the feed and plan the schedule through I share not only photos of the best and extravagant products, but also the family of employees behind the brand. 

With every update to the Instagram algorithm, we try to provide fun content for our followers to keep them engaged and part of the family! Sometimes we find that they appreciate the fun photos better than our favorite cakes.

Cafe Pierrot is looking forward to launching new menus and products now that they have a following!

social media management by Danielle Wilson Online
Web Design, SEO, and Copywriting by Danielle Wilson for Cafe Pierrot

Web Design

Cafe Pierrot was using the old version of the Foodie Theme by Shay Bocks, but it was more suited for a blog than their business pages.

They also realized the need to split the site into 3 sections: Bakery, Restaurant, and Catering. I searched for a new theme, but then realized the updated version of Foodie was already available to us, and it easily provided the 3 sections of the site.

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