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Eat Well Travel Often

Travel & Lifestyle Blog

Blog Description

My sister and I love to travel, so we wanted to collect all of our experiences into one place. She travels for work often and gets to explore new cities, while I take more planned vacations with my husband. I also love to write about learning to enjoy your own home town.

This blog is designed with the Holly & Weave theme from (again, my favorite for blog themes!) We love the shopping widget through ShopStyle, and the many homepage customization options.

Sometimes the content takes some time to pull together (again, both of us work a lot), but when it gets up there, our audience loves it. We also have lots of fun over on Instagram

Project Details

Client Me and my sister! This is our travel blog 🙂
Date Started June 2017
Skills Blogging
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Goals for the Future

We have big plans to travel the world, of course. But our goal right now is to stick to a content calendar! if you’re interested in some travel blogging, I promise I will stick to my deadlines better than I do here 🙂 But I believe this gives a good sense of my casual style and shows that I’ve been some cool places!

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