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Lakeland Youth Symphony Redesign

Project Description

After months without a website, parents and students in Lakeland Youth Symphony were turning to the facebook page for all of the information. As registration or concerts approached, more and more parents were complaining that the website was down and they could not find information for the performances.

At a board meeting, my name came up to go into the website hosting and find out what was wrong. As a former member of the orchestra (since I was six years-old through senior year of high school), I gladly volunteered my time for this project. We soon found out everything on the previous site was deleted, and we would need to start fresh.

The team sent over the copy, calendar, and photos from the previous site (fortunately, it was saved in a doc somewhere), and I was able to install WordPress and a Genesis theme very quickly. The initial site was launched within four hours.

Since that time (about 2 years), we updated to the Divi theme so we could move things around and customize even more. We chose a vertical navigation bar for families to easily find information. We also started using a registration form plugin that made collecting payment and details easily.

They also changed the logo and color scheme, so a website update was in order!

Project Details

Client Lakeland Youth Symphony
Date March 2016
Skills Web Design
View Website

Further Maintenance

After the site launch, I provided instructions for updating the calendar and maintaining the “Members” (blog) portion of the site with regular updates for parents. 

When registration time came around, I helped develop a registration form with a plugin that would allow parents to easily register and pay online. All of the data from the form can be exported to excel, which is much more manageable for the LYS team.

Social Media Management

To increase awareness of the program within the community, I ran several facebook ads for Lakeland Youth Symphony. The first ad was simply a post describing the Beginner Violin Demo Class. I also added the “Send Email” button to the top of the facebook page, so parents could easily contact the team as they were pushed to the page from the ad.

Facebook is a great option for LYS, since so much of their target demographic (parents of young children) are actively sharing and posting on the platform. We also share music education videos and fun information throughout the year.

social media management by Danielle Wilson Online

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