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Mostly Sewing:

Lifestyle & DIY Blog

Blog Description

This is the first blog that got me started in wordpress, site design and a love for crafting! I knew I didn’t want to limit the topic to sewing, and I have to say I love the site name “Mostly Sewing” since there’s quite a bit of other content on there.

The theme is Minim by, which I love for blog templates. You can customize almost every detail in this simple beautiful theme.

Here I write out tutorials for projects, or simply update friends and followers on my life adventures. I don’t check the stats, and just love the community and inspiration around the sewing world.

The site is a great example of my lifestyle blogging style, although I promise to keep up with yours better than mine! I do manage to keep my deadlines on my clients’ blogs. Just not my own (besides, sewing and building things takes a lot of time when I should be writing!).

Project Details

Client Myself! This is my DIY blog 🙂
Date Started August 2011
Skills Blogging
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Goals for the Future

Of course, I would love to monetize and make more money off of this site, but I’ve retreated to more of a fun perspective on the site. Just creating content when I feel like it. Of course, I could try and write/make something every week, but it makes it more stressful than fun.

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