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Project Description

Part of reorganizing Cafe Pierrot’s website included splitting off the catering portion to focus on the many menus and wedding packages. I redesigned the logo to emphasizing this aspect of the business.

I redirected all of the catering links from CafePierrot.com to the new catering site. Initially, CP lost traffic as it was directed to Pierrot Catering, but it has since gone back to normal.

Project Details

Client Pierrot Catering
Date July 2016
Skills Web Design, SEO, Social Media
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Web Design, SEO, and Copywriting by Danielle Wilson for Cafe Pierrot

Web Design

Cafe Pierrot was using the old version of the Foodie Theme by Shay Bocks, but it was more suited for a blog than their business pages.

They also realized the need to split the site into 3 sections: Bakery, Restaurant, and Catering. I searched for a new theme, but then realized the updated version of Foodie was already available to us, and it easily provided the 3 sections of the site.

Social Media Management

We began building new Instagram and Facebook Pages for catering, and plan to develop those accounts in the 2017.

We used the Pierroct Catering & Events Facebook page to run several holiday catering ads.

I build the Instagram schedule through Later.com. This account will differ greatly from the Cafe Pierrot account by featuring food and catering photos instead of the usual cakes, cookies, macarons, and restaurant meals. We’ll be gathering photos from events throughout the year to post on these accounts.

2017 will be a fun year of building an account almost from scratch!

SEO, Copy, and Blogging

My main goal for cafepierrot.com was to boost the google ranking in search results. Cafe Pierrot has been in business for over 25 years, but they were showing up on page 7 (!!!!) in the search results for their county. After two days of writing copy, meta titles, deep-linking, adding alt tags, and more the page views went through the roof.

Within two weeks of implementing proper SEO techniques, the site was on the first page of their target keyword searches and page views went up 8000%.

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