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The Collegian

The Collegian is an SCPA award-winning weekly school paper. As a staff writer I developed writing and interviewing skills while learning to work under the time restraints that any paper requires.

Articles are listed with the most recent at the top.

American Spiritual Ensemble

  • This article placed first in the South Carolina Press Association collegiate awards for 2012
  • This front-page article describes a concert to be performed on campus by the American Spiritual Ensemble.
  • Pg 1 of Issue 25.15

Nurses’ Pinning Ceremony

  • The Nurses’ Pinning Ceremony on campus contains many symbols that other students do not understand. Through this article, I captured the true history of the Pinning, as well as the attitude of the nursing students toward this exciting event.
  • Pg 3 of Issue 25.26
Class Reunions
  • During Bible Conference week at Bob Jones University, many classes have their reunions. For this article, I interviewed members of the 1962 class over the phone and listened to their different experiences and comparisons between their years at BJU and school during the present  time.The reunions were the night before the paper was published, so this article got first page placement.
  • Pg 1 of Issue 25.21
Energy Efficiency
  • As energy efficiency becomes a popular topic in all areas of life, the University decided to share its concerns about energy efficiency on campus. This article served as a statement to the student body about future plans for efficiency and how the University planned to conserve.
  • Pg 3 of Issue 25.21
Behind the Scenes: Opera
  •  This photo-story was the first to use the 1.5 page spread design. I interviewed the set and costume designer to show a part of the opera that students would not know. After writing the text, the photographers took the perfect pictures and the layout designer arranged both into the cool new layout.
  • Pg 4-5 of Issue 25.19

Fine Arts Contest

  • The University hosts university-wide fine arts contests each year. The best students win and perform at a concert during commencement week. For the article I interviewed many students who had won the contests and heard their perspectives on practicing and performing.
  • Pg 3 of Issue 25.14

Art Photostory

  • This photo-story gives the history of some of the unusual art around campus.
  • Pg 5 of Issue 25.6

Students Experience Firsts, Lasts on Campus

  • My first article for The Collegian made the front page. The article is a comparison between freshmen and seniors beginning the school year on campus.
  • Pg 1 of Issue 25.1