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Wilson Septic Service Redesign

Project Description

I wish I could find the “before” of the site to show the progress made. Wilson Septic noticed they weren’t receiving as many online referrals as they had in the past. The first quick update was the Google My Business card. Many of their clients googled their services and called this company without even visiting the website.

Web Design

However, the site was very outdated, built off images of text and contained no actual text for SEO purposes, which was pushing them further down in the search results as competitors began entering the market.

Forunately, they did have a lot of information about the industry available. I was able to quickly build a modern website that was easily accesible on cell phones. On the first round, I used their copy just to get something online.


After a year, we reviewed the copy again and focused on the needs and pain-points of their customers. We realized that most people take an “ignorance is bliss” attitude towards the industry or just wonder when the day will come that they’ll need to pay thousands of dollars for a repair.

We made it easy to contact the company and get their questions answered. Then, we started gathering TONS of reviews on google and facebook, which has been one of the biggest reasons for traffic increase (thanks to the review service, Broadly)

Project Details

Client Wilson Septic Service
Date August 2016
Skills Web Design
View Website

Further Maintenance

After the site launch, I provided video tuturials and login details so they could update the blog with resources for their customers. I continue to add pages and revise the site as necessary.

I also ensure the website is backed up occassionally, so information isn’t lost in a site crash.

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